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    1994- E stablished Teamlong Plastic Co.,Ltd.


    1998- Moved to Sanhekou,Zhenglu,Tianing District,Changzhou.The production area exceeded 6000 square meters. 


    1999- Started to expand national market of the disposable medical equipment. 


    2006- Production area expanded to 13,000 square meters.The daily production capacity reached 30 tons. 

    2007- Certified by ISO9001: 2008.。

    2008- Entered the take-off stage on account of good customer reputation.The output doubled annually.


    By 2014,the daily output reached 80 tons,annual output increased to 25,000 tons.

    2015- The DEHP-free medical material project mainly invested by Teamlong was awarded as the Changzhou major talent project.

    2015-2016- Asa leadingcompanyinthefieldofmedic PVC,Teamlong has been involved in draffing process of the National and Industry Standard.,topromote the safely and effectiveness of medical devices jintly with the upstream and downstream enterprises.

    2017,the new project 'Yabang Teamlong Polymer' officially put into operation.

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